The End Has No End

24 01 2010

I know I post entirely too much Strokes/Casablancas-related content, but I just don’t care. I have been going down memory lane with the Strokes lately, mostly because of how awesome Julian’s solo record is, and because I took a sustained break from them after First Impressions (not because it was bad, as many critics wrongly suggested (but that’s another post entirely) but because I was burned out or whatever). The Strokes evoke a lot of memories for me of high school and wanting to wear blazers cause they wear blazers and all that finding-your-way/becoming-a-social-creature-of-some-kind-or-another -type stuff. The good news is, like J.D. Salinger– another hopelessly passe thing to like if you are someone who could at least be accused of being an AltBro–the Strokes seem to be only getting better with age–I appreciate them more and more, and their accomplishments seem even greater with time. Anyways, forgot about this great video for “The End Has No End” (I love titles like these, the Zen-like or malapropism-type titles–reminds me of “Tomorrow Never Knows”). Must be rough having to choose between Eva Mendes and Mila Kunis.




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