Alec on DFW

26 01 2010

Alec Niedenthal, whose largest claim to fame to date is a precocious letter to the editor of the Times Book Review published when he was all of 17 years old, has posted a wonderful post (short essay, really) on HTMLGIANT (an internet nexus for small-press authors and publishers) concerning David Foster Wallace and his advocation for/practice of writing fiction whose ethics and aesthetics achieve a splendid symbiosis. It’s quite fantastic stuff. Foster Wallace’s call for youngish writers to risk being too sentimental in the examination of and championing of the simple immortal virtues has found some traction with Eggers & Franzen & co., but no one has matched (or even come close) to Wallace’s aesthetic achievement or that aesthet(h)ic marriage.




2 responses

26 01 2010
alec niedenthal

Thanks for linking this, Stephen. Glad you liked the thing. Though I’d like to erase that letter from history…

26 01 2010

Yeah man, I really appreciate your take on DFW and morally passionate fiction. As for that NYT letter, I’m sure the little email I sent to you at the time after excitedly googling your name would be equally embarrassing to re-read.

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