Gotta admit, starting to like the Dirty Projectors

22 02 2010

So when I first started hearing the buzz about the Dirty Projectors and their album, Bitte Orca, I was skeptical, because they sounded pretentious as hell and the first track I heard, “Stillness is the Move,” was supposed to make me convert to a new religion and sell all my belongings, whereas I just thought the tightly-arranged-girls’-voices + chiming-repetitive-guitar-riffs thing was annoying and kind of a tease (i.e. the hooks are always on the verge of happening and never do). Still don’t care for that one very much, BUT I have found myself listening to “Useful Chamber” on a near-daily basis, and now I seem to be falling for at least two more of their songs. This is all just to say, don’t let me add any hype for you if you haven’t heard them, do be warned that they are Serious Artists and Their Work is Very Conceptual, Not Just Music, and then if you’re still curious, the songs of theirs I like below:




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