Well-written Joanna Newsom review

23 02 2010

Here’s what Allison Stewart of the Washington Post has to say about Joanna Newsom’s Have One On Me: “Have One on Me” is her magnum opus, a three-disc set being likened to a freak-folk “Sandinista,” though it feels more like a musical “Ulysses.” Wouldn’t characterize “Good Intentions Paving Company” the way she does (“sounds like what would happen if the renaissance fair had a disco” heh), but a well-written review, regardless, and it brings up what I neglected to mention, which is that this thing is three discs, although only a triple-album in the cool, ’70s-LP sense, clocking in at 2 hours, 18 tracks.
Update: Damn, extremely well-written rave reviews are popping up left and right. I’ll post two more, then stop: Jeff Vrabel of Paste Magazine made me laugh out loud as well as get excited to hear the ones I haven’t heard yet (and I agree that “Baby Birch” is a show-stopper). Finally, Alan Pedder of Wear the Trousers Magazine in the UK gets in-depth and writes wonderfully as well.




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