Flash Delirium

10 03 2010

At first listen, I wasn’t sure what to make of “Flash Delirium,” the first released song off MGMT’s upcoming second album, Congratulations. Sounded very ’60s and like kind of a mess. On second, third, fourth listen, I’m really starting to dig this thing. I think if you set all your biases and assumptions aside, and just ‘have fun with it,’ it’s a really cool tune. For many people, setting aside all their MGMT biases and preconceptions would be quite the divestment, because the band seems to divide opinion and annoy people like few other bands (with the exception of Vampire Weekend). Why? There could be all kinds of reasons. They’re good-looking and write insanely hooky, striking, unique singles? They’re playful in their music and outfits and interviews? They’re psychedelic in a fun, organic way instead of a self-serious way, which is more fashionable (see: Yeasayer, Animal Collective, both fine bands, don’t get me wrong)? They seem to have had such easy success, easy crossover, easy adoption by the mainstream and the fashion world, that it’s hard not to be jealous? They’ve got a co-sign from Paul McCartney? Anyways, many people hate MGMT. I think they made half a classic album their last time out, I think those singles (“Time to Pretend,” “Kids,” “Electric Feel”) were insanely brilliant, and a few others (“Weekend Wars,” “Of Moons, Birds & Monsters”) were also solid. And I think their look and outlook are great (let’s look crazy or cool ’cause we’re rock stars and we can do whatever we want, let’s have fun). Not to mention Andrew VanWyngarden has never been anything but a sneakily insightful lyricist, creative with metaphors and sometimes disarmingly earnest and direct. All in all, a band to be celebrated, and yet they get trashed left and right. It’s all right for a band to be creative and playful and have fun, people! There’d be no Beatles, no funk, no psychedelia, no hip-hop if people weren’t creative and didn’t mess around and have fun.

Enough chat. The new song, “Flash Delirium,” is below. Open your mind and give it at least two spins. You may find yourself doing a goofy ‘flower power’ dance.

Sony, MGMT’s record label, is being stupid and pulling down all the YouTube videos of the song. So, go here to download the song at MGMT’s website for free.




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