Spoon (the band)

18 03 2010

I’ve been a fan of the band Spoon since 2002, when Kill the Moonlight came out. In my opinion, it’s still their best album. It comes closest to achieving what the Beatles achieve on an album like Revolver (a favorite band and album for Britt Daniel, Spoon’s frontman): every song is memorable, the production is inventive and fitting, and the “flow” of the album is fantastic from track to track. I’ve also enjoyed Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga from 2007, Girls Can Tell, from 2001, A Series of Sneaks, from 1998, their debut album for Elektra (they had a short, doomed stint on that major label), and Gimme Fiction, from 2005. So far I really can’t get into their new record, Transference. It feels lazy to me, like the tunes aren’t there, like Spoon is spinning their wheels. Of course I could be wrong. In any event, below are a selection of songs/videos (some made by fans) from various different phases of Spoon’s illustrious time making music:

“You Got Yr Cherry Bomb,” from Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

“Anything You Want,” from Girls Can Tell

“Back to the Life,” from Kill the Moonlight

“Stay Don’t Go,” from Kill the Moonlight

“I Could Be Underground,” from 30 Gallon Tank EP

“I Summon You,” off Gimme Fiction

“I Turn My Camera On,” from Gimme Fiction

“The Ghost of You Lingers,” off Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

“Sister Jack,” off Gimme Fiction

“Car Radio,” off A Series of Sneaks

“Someone Something,” off Kill the Moonlight

“Vittorio E,” off Kill the Moonlight




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