Maybe I will try writing “personal, blog-like posts”

25 05 2010

Hey everybody. It is Stephen. I have never really done blog-like posts with my thoughts in them on this blog, because I always thought it would be self-indulgent and/or unfun to read. Mostly I have “just” posted “some sweet jams.” But I am having trouble doing any creative writing [via “crippling depression”] so I thought maybe doing this kind of blogging might help with that.


What does one blog about?

Heard women are being bombarded by mixed messages re: “balancing a career and marriage and having kids.”

Heard that one author sucks and that other author is sweet.

Heard someone blog “I feel so lonely today. Why am I so lonely? Speak to me, recently-painted wall, you are my only friend ‘in real life.'”

Djuna Barnes is a pretty sweet author. Have you guys read Djuna? She did “Nightwood” and “Spillway and Other Stories” and this other book I didn’t like quite as much called “Ryder.” She writes very beautiful, poetic prose.

I wish the people in Pop Serial magazine lived near me, because I can’t seem to achieve my goal of finding a “bevy” of “artsy-ass” kids to hang with. Just want to have a co-ed group of friends who are down for catching flicks, throwing house parties, and “getting they hookup on.” Doesn’t seem like a lot to ask. I walk around the Wicker Park area and I see what appear to be a lot of these kinds of groups. Whenever I am at Filter Cafe, I see an average of 8 girls who are “fucking hot,” who I would like “to know as a friend, and/or marry.” Seems 1 of them could “at least” like “drink coffee with me while enjoying stimulating conversation, on a Tuesday evening, or something.” Just want to know people who want to hang with me, who I can talk to.

How are your days going? Happy with your friends?

Should I read Bret Easton Ellis? I picked up “Less Than Zero” at Myopic, but then I flipped to the part where they were raping an 11-yr-old or whatever and it kind of “harshed my buzz.” Is it worth it?

Thank you if you are reading this. I am not autistic. Thank you.




4 responses

25 05 2010
brittany wallace

yeah you should read less than zero
quick read, lots of drug use and rape
mmm mmm mmm

you should hang out in the gay bars in belmont
you’ll make friends there i promise

25 05 2010

that is a strong recommendation. i will probably have to read it then. yeah, when i have been in gay bars on belmont, men have examined me from head to toe in an “i would tear that ass up” manner. made me feel like a “piece of meat,” but i did not mind, really. seems i might have success as a gay man.

29 05 2010
d. e.

i know all about this feeling in every way

29 05 2010

@d.e. cool man, yeah

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